Linda Austin

austin-linda-1355831Title: Freelance Writer

Company: Self-Employed

Location: Fort Worth, TX

 Fort Worth, TX, October 19, 2016, Linda LaRue Austin, Story Weaver, a self-employed freelance writer, has been recognized by Elite American Artists, for dedication, achievement and leadership in her literary career.

As a retired writing instructor and educator, Ms. Austin has always been fascinated by the unique stories created by fantasy authors. In keeping with this passion, she has devoted herself to creating fantasy and historical novels. She has currently written numerous manuscripts, plays and full-length books, among other works. Her most recent book, “Midnight Amethyst,” is the latest in her “Crystal Green” trilogy of books, and will be released in time for Christmas in 2016.

Ms. Austin earned a Master of Religious Studies from Lexington Theological Seminary in 1970, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in theology and Christian education with a minor in drama from Northwest Christian College in 1967. To remain in contact with other writers and historical researchers, she became a member of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc., the Romance Writers of America and the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research. Continue reading

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Dr. Howard Peters

Dr. Howard PetersTitle: Author, Optometrist (Retired)

Company: Eye-Q

Location: Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA, September 19, 2016, Howard Peters, Retired Optometrist at Eye Q and Author at Howard J. Peters, has been recognized by Elite American Artists, for dedication, achievement and leadership in writing.

After nearly 50 years experience in optometry, Dr. Peters decided to retire and pursue a career as an author. Prior to his retirement Dr. Peters had little experience in the publishing industry. During college in London, Dr. Peters produced bi-weekly articles on controversial issues for “The Beacon” journal. The column was titled “Philosophy of the Week” and some of Dr. Peters’ titles were “CND (Campaign for Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament) are like Ostriches Burying their Heads in the Sand”, “There is No Such Thing as an Individual”, and “What Would Have Happened if Hitler had Won the War?”. Currently, Dr. Peters is working on a novel called “Upload”, which is a paraquel of his 2007 novel “Download: An alternative story of Noah and his Ark”. As a novice writer, Dr. Peters learned a lot about himself and his writing abilities while creating “Download”. In an interview with, Dr. Peters tells of his surprise when he “got to know my characters intimately and found that there were certain things that I could not write for them to do!” Currently, Dr. Peters is enjoying his venture into writing but he hopes to eventually turn this hobby into a second career. For more information or to purchase “Download”, please visit

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Keith Harmon

Title: Painter

Company: Keith Harmon Designs

Location: Palm Springs, CA

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Summer Celeste

Celeste, Summer 2039657Title: Owner/Artist

Company: Summer Celeste Porcelain Art

Location: Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ, June 16, 2016, Summer Celeste, Owner and Artist, has been recognized by Elite American Artists, for dedication, achievement and leadership in fine arts and porcelain painting.

A self-educated artist whose porcelain artwork often features Southwestern, flora and fauna scenes, Ms. Celeste possesses the natural ability to create beautiful paintings that evoke emotion and admiration. She is also masterful at painting with murals and acrylics. Her artistry has been sought after for mixed media and glass projects, as well as murals and original ideas like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. She has owned and operated her own studio for more than two decades and her work has been featured in homes, offices and public spaces. Continue reading

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Dorothy Sitka

Sitka, Dorothy 2089214Title: Portrait Artist

Company: Dorothy Sitka Studio

Location: Houston, TX

Houston, TX, June 9, 2016, Dorothy Sitka, Portrait Artist, has been recognized by Elite American Artists, for dedication, achievement and leadership in portrait art.

Ms. Sitka has been a professional artist for more than 20 years, painting portraits, landscapes and seascapes using oil and watercolors. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, she worked in the clerical field. Ms. Sitka is a traditionally trained artist, and paints commissions. She will travel to clients or have them send in photos or visit her studio to complete her work. Often, she creates art for corporate and business patrons, as well as catalog covers. Her trademark style is the ability to reach into a subject’s soul and display that in the painting, resulting in a realism rarely seen by other painters. She is affiliated with the Houston Art League, the Portrait Society of America, the Texas Watercolor Society, Texas Women Painters and Petroleum Club of Houston. Continue reading

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Ellie A. Blair

Blair, Ellary 1274237.jpgTitle: Owner

Company: Ellie Pots Inc.

Location: Lawrence, KS

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Timothy D. Lee

Lee, Timothy 1307516Title: Photographer

Company: Lee Photography

Location: Gulfport, MS

Gulfport, MS, February 3, 2016, Timothy Lee, Photographer, has been recognized by Elite American Artists, for dedication, achievement and leadership in photography.

After more than 20 years serving his country in the military, Mr. Lee looks forward to fully establishing his business in photography.  Mr. Lee discovered his passion for photography while on deployment with the U.S. Navy in Dubai. His first purchase was a semi-DSLR camera made by Fujifilm with which he taught himself the technique and use of settings such as ISO, shutter speed, lighting and equipment care. Since then he has expanded his use and understanding of cameras to the use of Nikon cameras along with a variety of lenses. Each client receives the best products and services Mr. Lee provides. He ensures an open line of communication, especially in the days leading up to the shoot, to secure the arrangements and accommodations. He also takes this time to investigate the locations to ensure the best spots and lighting are used.

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Sue J. Clark

Sue Clark 97034Title:  Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter, Poet, Memoirist, Writing Instructor, Tutor, Agent, Consultant, Book Doctor

Company: SJ Clark Literary Specialties, LLC

Location: Lincoln, CA

Lincoln, CA, September 18, 2015, Sue J. Clark, Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter, Poet, Memoirist, Writing Instructor, Tutor, Agent, Consultant, Book Doctor for SJ Clark Literary Specialties, LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in writing and publishing services.

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Sharon Merchant

Title: Children’s Book Illustrator

Location: Marshall, MI

Sharon Elliott Merchant has six years of experience as a children’s book illustrator. Throughout her career, she has gained considerable skill at her craft, particularly in the illustration of horses in children’s artwork pieces. In addition to her work as an illustrator, Ms. Merchant teaches special education to grades five through 12.

Books that Ms. Merchant has illustrated can be purchased at the following websites:
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