Amanda LeVasseur

Amanda LeVasseurTitle: Owner, Director

Company: LeVasseur Studio for the Performing Arts

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Amanda LeVasseur offers the best training at her dance and performing arts studio, LeVasseur Performance Arts, Inc., where she serves as the director. At an establishment where a plethora of training areas are provided, one can expect only the best. This is why Ms. LeVasseur oversees and refines the operations to ensure that you will only receive top-notch instructions, and ensures customer satisfaction. Ms. LeVasseur will communicate with you to make sure that your needs are being met, and with the staff to make certain that they identify with the focus of LeVasseur Performance Arts, Inc. Ms. LeVasseur will also communicate with families, as she feels that communication is key, and everyone can learn from the exchange of ideas.

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Amanda LeVasseur

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