Barry Sankey

Barry SankeyTitle: Sports Reporter

Company: Phoenixville Newspapers

Location: Pottstown, PA, United States

Barry Sankey is a Sports Reporter for Phoenixville Newspapers, a local newspaper serving Chester and Montgomery counties. With more than four decades of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Sankey strives for excellence in his every endeavor to develop in-depth sports stories that cover an array of topics. His breadth of journalistic expertise encompasses mainly local and scholastic sports; he also reports on collegiate and professional sports when there are local figureheads involved. In addition to these duties, Mr. Sankey is in charge of attending meetings, and writes columns, as well as a blog.

Over the course of a successful career in journalism, Mr. Sankey has become recognized for his commitment to thoroughly focusing on providing enticing and meaningful content to his readers. He feels that he has been able to shine as a writer because he has long admired sports, and the gusto of the student athletes he covers; Mr. Sankey calls it “a real joy to watch some of the students later reach the professional leagues.”

Mr. Sankey worked part time for The Mercury in Pottstown when he was a senior in high school. He also worked for the weekly Spring-Ford Reporter and in college, the former Philadelphia Bulletin on a part-time basis. Mr. Sankey earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and minored in Political Science at Temple University. He also worked on his daily college paper, the Temple News, serving as sports editor and managing editor. He is a lifetime Pennsylvania-area resident. He grew up in Limerick and currently resides in Trappe.

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Barry Sankey

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