Ellie A. Blair

Ellie A. BlairTitle: Owner

Company: Ellie Pots Inc.

Location: Lawrence, KS, United States

LAWRENCE, KS, February 21, 2013, Ellie A. Blair, Owner of Ellie Pots Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in fine art.

At the helm of Ellie Pots Inc., her own pottery studio, which focuses on the creation of unique and cutting-edge pottery art through the usage of crystalline pottery and raku pottery, Ms. Blair offers pottery services via online media, and conducts research. She also decorates with crystalline glazes, oversees her online business, and produces crystalline pottery, watercolor art, carved pottery and pastel artwork.

Ms. Blair has been potting since 1974. Her technique is unique and was developed while she was in school using crystalline glazes. This is a zinc silica combination glaze. Adding other elements gives one various end results of color and a glass finish. Additionally, Ms. Blair conducts workshops on crystalline glazes, and displays her pieces at The Phoenix Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Ellie A. Blair

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