Emily Kahn

Emily KahnTitle: Photographer

Company: Emily G. Kahn, Photographer

Location: Somerville, MA

“I would say that basically I’m a sculptor or an architect with my photographs, and not in a normal sense, and it’s that excitement of building something from a scene that I already love, but I work with it and make it something else—that’s what I care about, line, form and color.” These words, poignantly spoken by photographer Emily G. Khan in an exclusive interview with EliteAMERICAN Publishing, portrayed a picture of an artist who respects her craft, down to the finest of details. “That is my thrill in life.”

Her innate fascination with the minutiae of photography may be precisely how Ms. Kahn has grown to become a well-respected member of her field. Her photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, the Rose Art Museum (Brandeis University), the Photographic Resource Center (Boston University), and the Print Center in Philadelphia. Her work has also been published in Art New England, DoubleTake, the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, and Stuff Magazine. Renowned for her capacity to cover historical preservation and produce high-quality, distinctive images, Ms. Kahn has garnered a reputation of prominence both domestically and internationally, having had work published in Israel and written in Hebrew. “When I go out in the field and take a particular scene with film, I take the scene as it is, I don’t know what it will become,” she said. “It happens; I build it on my studio table. It’s very engaging and exciting.”

Ms. Kahn served as a teacher of photography with celebrated artist Jim Dow at Tufts University. She pinpoints a major highlight of her career as her being selected as a teaching fellow alongside Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Coles at the legendary Literature Department at Harvard University. Under Coles’ mentorship, she led several undergraduate sections on documentary work at Harvard. Ms. Kahn’s studio is located in the Brickbottom Artists Building in Somerville, Massachusetts. Ms. Kahn is to be included in the upcoming third edition of ProFiles magazine, and later this year, she will be a featured guest on the Elite Radio Network. Ever passionate about her work, Ms. Kahn makes every effort to create remarkable documentary work, excel in the abstract and fine arts, and to strive for excellence in her every endeavor.

If you are interested in learning more about Emily Kahn, please visit her website http://www.emilykahn.com or email her at nhakep@aol.com.

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