Rosemarie Sefton

Rosemarie SeftonTitle: Author

Company: Glassy-Eyed Author

Location: Huntington, WV

Rosemarie Sefton is a talented and creative writer and published author who is associated with Glassy-Eyed Author, a store that sells books, magazines, calendars, postcards, and paper and writing instruments. Ms. Sefton is the author of 16 books that are historical fiction. Her most recent one is called “Mind Mauling Hot Sauce,” and is about social services in the trenches of humanity. Ms. Sefton decided to focus her efforts on writing 10 years ago when she retired from her career in social work. She spent the majority of her career living and working in Arizona, and taught social work in all phases of child welfare across the state. She continues to draw on her past experience to develop and write stories. Ms. Sefton intends to continue publishing her work in years to come.

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Rosemarie Sefton

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