Ruby Happel-Holtz

Ruby Happel-HoltzTitle: Manager

Company: Whispering Winds Studio

Location: Amargosa Valley, NV

For Ruby Happel-Holtz, the arts have been a staple of her creativity and family history since she was a youth. Ms. Happel-Holtz’ father was paramount to her artistic abilities at an early age, and her mother’s confidence that she would be shining star in any industry, helped mold her into the author and artist that she is today.

Ruby Happel-Holtz has written two books thus far, titled “The Unconquered Hearts,” and “On Wings of Change.” The former is a detailed biography of a Blackfeet Indian family, while the latter continues the family’s story, and describes their trials and tribulations as they struggle to adapt, and preserve their honor in browbeaten times. Ms. Happel-Holtz is currently writing a children’s book, called “KoolKat Charlie of Cocoa Beach.”

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Ruby Happel-Holtz

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