Wanda Jones

Wanda JonesTitle: Owner

Company: Wandaful Music

Location: Fontana, CA

FONTANA, CA, April 14, 2014, Wanda C. Jones, Owner of Wandaful Music, has been recognized be Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in music education.

Ms. Jones established her music school five years ago and has watched it gain a stellar reputation for its services. She first got involved in teaching music when her piano teacher gave her the opportunity to teach three students. Ms. Jones found enjoyment in teaching and decided to stick with it.

Ms. Jones sings, plays the organ, and often plays the keyboard at her church. She will work and teach young children, as well as work with adults and senior citizens. Ms. Jones wants to share her passion for music with those who want to learn and explore their own musical talents. She handles all the daily operations of the business, and schedules all the lessons. Ms. Jones hopes to expand her musical skill set by learning how to write and arrange music.

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Wanda Jones

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