Eve Marshall

Title: Artist, Designer

Company: Marshall Artist & Design

Location: Denver, CO

DENVER, CO, September 9, 2014, Eve M. Marshall, Artist and Designer for Marshall Artist & Design, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in art, jewelry and antique doll repair services.

Ms. Marshall has garnered 37 years of professional experience and has established a reputation as a renowned artist, freelance journalist/editor, proofreader and Syfy writer who specializes in meteorology, photography and penny art. She is also a master artist who spends her days repairing antique dolls, drawing, making costumes, and illustrating science fiction comics.

Ms. Marshall takes great pride in her work and enjoys being able to live out her passions. She attributes her success to inspiration. Her father passed away, and she created her first piece of art as a tribute to him. She hopes to continue creating unique and inspiring pieces for years to come.

Contact Eve Marshall

Eve Marshall

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