Lisa Jennings

Lisa Jennings 1649080Title: Fine Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Lisa Jennings

Location: Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN, September 17, 2014, Lisa A. Jennings, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Painter, and Chief Executive Officer at Lisa Jennings, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in painting and sculpture.

Ms. Jennings grew up in an artistic family, and knew she wanted to be an artist since she was a young girl. Ms. Jennings draws inspiration for nature and specializes in creating paintings and sculptures that incorporate nature’s beauty and brings the old and new together. She hunts for stone and wood across the world to use in her work, and references materials based on cave etchings, aboriginal teachings, and ancient/modern and post-modern art. Ms. Jennings creates pieces with paint and papers, rocks, twigs, roots and other natural elements.

Ms. Jennings exhibits her work at gallery showings across the country. Through her work, she looks to spread her love of humanity. Ms. Jennings has a deep respect for early civilizations and aboriginal people and wants to expresses that appreciation through her work. She connects the past with the present and helps people appreciate the world around them. Ms. Jennings attributes her success to being mentored by Anton Weiss, a master artist. Looking toward the future, she would like to expand the business nationally and internationally. She will be on a national television show, a national museum and in the Smithsonian Institute. She will soon open her gallery in Tennessee. Ms. Jennings would also like to continue teaching Harpeths Arts Center and Gallery, teaching multiple classes, mixed media, and maintaining a painted journal.

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Lisa Jennings

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