Valerie Schreiber

Valerie Schreiber 511202Title: Multi-Form Writer

Company: Valerie A. Schreiber

Location: Fallbrook, CA

Motivated by her teachers, Valerie A. Schreiber pursued her love for music and the written word. Ms. Schreiber has more than 30 years of experience in writing inspirational poetry and lyrics, and has had several works published—the earliest being a poem while in elementary school which started her journey. Ms. Schreiber enjoys inspiring others to pursue their dreams through her own work. She spends her days writing poems, short stories and song lyrics, and drawing inspiration for her everyday life. In 2014, Ms. Schreiber has had two poems published in Moccasin All Seasons, four poems published in Midwest Chaparral, and two poems published in Summation Volume One. She also earned the National Poetry Society Award, as well as Honorable Mention from the League of Minnesota Poet’s Contest and National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Her CD Happiness was released in 2006. Ms. Schreiber attributes all the success she has experienced throughout her career to her mentors. She would like to continue publishing her work in the near future and eventually publish a book.

For more information about Ms. Schreiber, please visit her Myspace page

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Valerie A. Schreiber

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