William R. Willis

William Willis 747746Title: Vice President

Company: RC Lobo Productions

Location: Panorama City, CA

VP of RCLOBO productions & RCLOBO art gallery. RCLOBO productions is my latest endeavor along with being an international award-winning poet, who was asked to perform live with the Sana Monica philharmonic orchestra. Also I have a few other endeavors in the past:  New Car Broker, Money Broker, Advertising Franchise, Disability Consultant, mentor for back to work project, Drug Counselor. My main focus now is RCLOBO productions, because we have an animated sitcom of penguins dress like people. We are trying to sell the characters and the fine artwork featured on the gallery.

About the Artist

Ms. Starks is a unique talent, not one who just dabs on wood and bricks. Her style is her own, that varies like waves in the ocean.  Ms. Starks excels in most media such as etchings, oils, watercolors, pen and ink, and charcoal.

Ms. Starks cannot be put in a box and classified. Her God given talent is so diversified that she has no boundaries. Her works invoked feelings so decisively different from those who view it. To appreciate her work, one would only have to give her an idea and let her take her mind and run with it.

Ms. Starks has spent many years creating works which she hopes will ‘fuse feelings and emotions with individual perceptions of city life without words.”

Artwork can be viewed here: www.rclobo.com

Contact William R. Willis 

William R. Willis

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