Marta Bartolozzi

40359ca90b8a41b5a88d78dfa29c276fTitle: Owner, Operator, Artist

Company: Marta Bartolozzi Artworks

Location: Swarthmore, PA, United States

Marta Bartolozzi has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for her outstanding achievements as an artist. She currently handles all creativity for publicity for growing her enterprise, and specializes in representational or impressionistic styles of artwork. Some of her themes include equine and carriage paintings of Chester County, PA and the Tuscan landscape. Ms. Bartolozzi is also expert in animal portraiture, and figurative drawing. Ms. Bartolozzi is also an artisan whose field of expertise is in the restoration of antique wood statuary, decorative and gilded finishes, including Florentine water gilding.

She is extremely versatile in the use of media and styles. Some of her work was censored in 1998, and this event helped expand the way that she paints. Because of being censored, she developed a form of painting: semi-abstract illusionism. And, as a result of that censorship, her town’s policy toward artists has shifted. She has received awards in art from the The Plastic Club, the oldest women’s art club in the country, at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the oldest artist-run club in the country, Chester County Art Association, Main Line Art Center and others. Her work has been featured in New York City’s Chris Ellis Collection, Columbus Ohio’s David Barker Corporate Art, Philadelphia’s Newman Galleries, The William Penn Foundation and more.

Upon reflecting on a rewarding career, Ms. Bartolozzi has come to attribute her success to sheer drive and a passion for what she does. She also feels that her belief in herself as an artist has allowed her to thrive professionally. Doing what she loves as much as possible has allowed her to spread her wings and take off. When asked in an exclusive EliteAMERICAN Artists interview about how she has been able to achieve success, she said: “By never giving up and always stretching my boundaries—learning, reading, experimenting. Also [by] developing a thick skin to withstand occasional rejection of work.” She feels that the most gratifying aspects of her career are the feeling of accomplishment that she gets when she completes a painting, and the feeling of worth and reaffirmation when someone purchases her work.

She is a classically trained pianist, and she also enjoys playing ragtime music and traveling when she is not creating works of art. In the years to come, Ms. Bartolozzi would like to see her enterprise grow into a small business. In a sense, it has taken off and receives orders on a continual basis. She will give donations from work sales; she feels it’s important to give back. “When I give a portion of an art sale to a charity, it increases my sense of worth as a human being and I encourage every creative person to do the same, whether it’s $20.00 for a flock of chicks on Heifer International or $240 for a cleft palate surgery at Operation Smile. I can say, “My talent, work and artistic passion has done this for another human being. There is a saying from the Talmud: ‘Whosoever seventh one soul seventh the world entire.’ In that sense, I make a difference.”


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Marta Bartolozzi

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