Sir Dean Anthony Morrow, Sr.

Dean Morrow 259728Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Keeper of the Valley Music Publishing

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA, June 9, 2015, Sir Dean Anthony Morrow, Sr., Chief Executive Officer of Keeper of the Valley Music Publishing, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievement and leadership in music production.

Mr. Morrow is a multi-talented vocalist (4 octave range), songwriter, arranger, engineer, producer and publisher who has been singing for more than 50 years. He started his first singing (doo-wop) group in 1962, the day after an older corner doo-wop group asked him to sing the middle note (2nd tenor) of a song entitled “The Wind.” Since then, he has dedicated himself to music emphasizing the rhythm and blues genre. Throughout his career, Mr. Morrow has performed with many of the “Classic Soul” hit music groups and has recorded more than 1,500 songs of which 1,000+ are cover tunes. He has written more than 400 songs and has produced and released three full CDs and several singles.

An award-winning artist, Mr. Morrow dedicates his time to growing and expanding Keeper of the Valley Music Publishing, a music entertainment publishing company that offers clients a wide range of entertainment services. Mr. Morrow is an expert at writing song lyrics, putting together vocal arrangements, producing music and mentoring artists. He spends his days approving lyrics for songs, creating vocal arrangements, approving vocal arrangements, recording artists, editing, mastering, and publishing recorded songs, releasing recorded songs via OnTour records, a label co-owned with Ruth E. Scott-Miles, overseeing entertainment programs, and coordinating vocal and on-stage programs. He attributes his success to his perseverance, longevity, and an abiding love of all aspects of music. Looking toward the future, Mr. Morrow plans to become a talk show host, interviewing a variety of interesting local and national entertainers with his co-host Ruth E. Scott-Miles. He also hopes to continue performing with his band and release two more CDs on his record label, OnTour Records.

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