Sir Dean Anthony Morrow, Sr.

Dean Morrow 259728Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Keeper of the Valley Music Publishing

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA, June 9, 2015, Sir Dean Anthony Morrow, Sr., Chief Executive Officer of Keeper of the Valley Music Publishing, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievement and leadership in music production. Continue reading

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Diane Joy Pelligrino

Diane Pelligrino 1498469Title: Facilitator

Company: Joy Company Youth Puppet Ministry

Location: Greensboro, N.C.

Diane Joy Pelligrino is a poet, a writer, an artist and a survivor. She has experienced the good and bad that comes with life and has flourished in her professional endeavors. Throughout her eclectic career, Ms. Pelligrino has worked in the airline industry for 24 years and helped people cope with travel due to death, taught hard-to-reach students, trained as a model with Ford Modeling agency, and started her own company. The Joy Company Youth Puppet Ministry is known for its wide range of services, including puppet making, script and speech writing, counseling, pet sitting services, home decorating, seamstress services, home carpentry, bridal consulting, drama coaching, mentoring, and private tutoring. Ms. Pelligrino never gives up on herself or anyone else, and is motivated by the words “it can’t be done.” She sees 10 failures as 10 lessons on how not to do something in the future. She also highly values honesty and believes that the truth is the greatest liberator. Ms. Pelligrino attributes her success to believing one person can make a difference, and to always “dreaming the impossible dream.” She is eager to keep teaching, whether it is through private tutoring, teaching puppetry, making puppets, selling some writings, teaching mentoring and more. She would also like to complete and publish her book containing original quotes. Continue reading

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Randi Ward

Randi WArd 1779944Title: Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Randi D. Ward is a self-employed teacher, author, entrepreneur, who teaches English from her home via Skype, teaches business courses, and contributes to various nonprofit organizations. Ms. Ward is the author of “Because I Believed in Me (My Egyptian Fantasy Came True).” She is the regional director of the Africa Nomads Conservation, coordinator and honorary president of World Peace Forest in Africa, owner of Rise Up English and German language school in Cairo, Egypt, and owner of a nursery in Cairo, Egypt. She taught language arts in the United States for 37 years. An expert writer and motivational speaker, Ms. Ward attributes her success to going after her dreams and believing in herself. She plans to continue making the world a better place through her teaching and charitable efforts, while also writing and publishing more of her work. Continue reading

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Christopher A. Hartwick

Chris HartwickTitle: Designer with Creative Services

Company: Bob Jones University

Location: Greenville, SC

GREENVILLE, SC, February 10, 2015, Designer with Creative Services Christopher A. Hartwick has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in advertising and graphic design.  Continue reading

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Marta Bartolozzi

40359ca90b8a41b5a88d78dfa29c276fTitle: Owner, Operator, Artist

Company: Marta Bartolozzi Artworks

Location: Swarthmore, PA, United States

Marta Bartolozzi has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for her outstanding achievements as an artist. She currently handles all creativity for publicity for growing her enterprise, and specializes in representational or impressionistic styles of artwork. Some of her themes include equine and carriage paintings of Chester County, PA and the Tuscan landscape. Ms. Bartolozzi is also expert in animal portraiture, and figurative drawing. Ms. Bartolozzi is also an artisan whose field of expertise is in the restoration of antique wood statuary, decorative and gilded finishes, including Florentine water gilding.

Continue reading

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William R. Willis

William Willis 747746Title: Vice President

Company: RC Lobo Productions

Location: Panorama City, CA

VP of RCLOBO productions & RCLOBO art gallery. RCLOBO productions is my latest endeavor along with being an international award-winning poet, who was asked to perform live with the Sana Monica philharmonic orchestra. Also I have a few other endeavors in the past:  New Car Broker, Money Broker, Advertising Franchise, Disability Consultant, mentor for back to work project, Drug Counselor. My main focus now is RCLOBO productions, because we have an animated sitcom of penguins dress like people. We are trying to sell the characters and the fine artwork featured on the gallery.

About the Artist

Ms. Starks is a unique talent, not one who just dabs on wood and bricks. Her style is her own, that varies like waves in the ocean.  Ms. Starks excels in most media such as etchings, oils, watercolors, pen and ink, and charcoal.

Ms. Starks cannot be put in a box and classified. Her God given talent is so diversified that she has no boundaries. Her works invoked feelings so decisively different from those who view it. To appreciate her work, one would only have to give her an idea and let her take her mind and run with it.

Ms. Starks has spent many years creating works which she hopes will ‘fuse feelings and emotions with individual perceptions of city life without words.”

Artwork can be viewed here:
Continue reading

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Valerie Schreiber

Valerie Schreiber 511202Title: Multi-Form Writer

Company: Valerie A. Schreiber

Location: Fallbrook, CA

Motivated by her teachers, Valerie A. Schreiber pursued her love for music and the written word. Ms. Schreiber has more than 30 years of experience in writing inspirational poetry and lyrics, and has had several works published—the earliest being a poem while in elementary school which started her journey. Ms. Schreiber enjoys inspiring others to pursue their dreams through her own work. She spends her days writing poems, short stories and song lyrics, and drawing inspiration for her everyday life. In 2014, Ms. Schreiber has had two poems published in Moccasin All Seasons, four poems published in Midwest Chaparral, and two poems published in Summation Volume One. She also earned the National Poetry Society Award, as well as Honorable Mention from the League of Minnesota Poet’s Contest and National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Her CD Happiness was released in 2006. Ms. Schreiber attributes all the success she has experienced throughout her career to her mentors. She would like to continue publishing her work in the near future and eventually publish a book.

For more information about Ms. Schreiber, please visit her Myspace page Continue reading

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Catherine Brimberry

Catherine Brimberry 1813948Title: Fine Art Painter

Company: CL Brimberry Artwork

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville, AR, November 10, 2014, Catherine Brimberry, Fine Art Painter at CL Brimberry Artwork, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in abstract painting. Continue reading

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Melinda Hoyer

Melinda Hoyer 1191584Title: Lyric Coloratura Soprano

Company: MK Hoyer Song Services

Location: Texas

Texas, October 22, 2014, Melinda K. Hoyer, Lyric Coloratura Soprano for MK Hoyer Song Services, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in music. Continue reading

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Lisa Jennings

Lisa Jennings 1649080Title: Fine Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Lisa Jennings

Location: Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN, September 17, 2014, Lisa A. Jennings, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Painter, and Chief Executive Officer at Lisa Jennings, has been recognized by Elite American Artists for dedication, achievements and leadership in painting and sculpture. Continue reading

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