Kinman Chan

Kinman ChanTitle: Creative Director, Owner

Company: Kincept Co. LLC

Location: San Francisco, CA

Kinman Chan is the creative director and owner of Kincept Co. LLC, an art studio that provides art and graphic design services. A creative spirit, Mr. Chan’s interest in drawing and painting led him to his current career path. He is recognized for his expertise in conceptual art and spends his days creating paintings and drawings, designing characters for animation, creating art graphically through computers, and voice acting. Mr. Chan enjoys being able to integrate things he learns in his personal work and apply it toward viable product. He is motivated by his strong drive and his passion for art, and the understanding of process when it comes to visual narratives. The factors that make him unique are his methods, training and findings. He treats art like a science which he has grown to understand. Mr. Chan is grateful to be able to work among the best of the film industry, meeting with George Lucas on a bi-monthly basis. It is an honor for him to have been part of a 30+ year legacy, and the experience he gained from it is invaluable.

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Kinman Chan

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