E. Reid Gilbert, Ph.D.

Title: Writer

Company: Valley Studio

Location: Tucson, AZ

Reid Gilbert, Ph.D. is a retired professor of Ohio State University who is focusing his efforts on writing books. Dr. Gilbert was inspired to follow his current career path because as since he was a young boy he desperately sought answers, like what’s out there beyond the stars. He has been inquisitive from childhood, and decided to find the answers. Dr. Gilbert has published four books and is working on converting a novel into a screenplay. Aside from his writing, Mr. Gilbert is best known for his establishment of a mime school. Dr. Gilbert was also received the Festival of American Mime Distinguished Service Award from the Wisconsin Theatre Association. He attributes his years of success to his curiosity and passion for his work. Moving forward, Dr. Gilbert expects to see his story told on the screen. He wants to be matched with film producers and directors.

E. Reid Gilbert, Ph.D. 

E. Reid Gilbert, Ph.D.

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