Diane Joy Pelligrino

Diane Pelligrino 1498469Title: Facilitator

Company: Joy Company Youth Puppet Ministry

Location: Greensboro, N.C.

Diane Joy Pelligrino is a poet, a writer, an artist and a survivor. She has experienced the good and bad that comes with life and has flourished in her professional endeavors. Throughout her eclectic career, Ms. Pelligrino has worked in the airline industry for 24 years and helped people cope with travel due to death, taught hard-to-reach students, trained as a model with Ford Modeling agency, and started her own company. The Joy Company Youth Puppet Ministry is known for its wide range of services, including puppet making, script and speech writing, counseling, pet sitting services, home decorating, seamstress services, home carpentry, bridal consulting, drama coaching, mentoring, and private tutoring. Ms. Pelligrino never gives up on herself or anyone else, and is motivated by the words “it can’t be done.” She sees 10 failures as 10 lessons on how not to do something in the future. She also highly values honesty and believes that the truth is the greatest liberator. Ms. Pelligrino attributes her success to believing one person can make a difference, and to always “dreaming the impossible dream.” She is eager to keep teaching, whether it is through private tutoring, teaching puppetry, making puppets, selling some writings, teaching mentoring and more. She would also like to complete and publish her book containing original quotes.

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Diane Joy Pelligrino

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